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black girls' mental wealth academy

At the Black Girls' Mental Health Academy, we help youth leaders, professional mentors, life coaches, and other non-mental health specialists increase their knowledge of the state of Black girls' and young women’s mental health in just 6 weeks, so they can potentially identify signs and symptoms of toxic stress and trauma in herself or others, gain positive coping and self-care skills, and develop the necessary skills to become peer mental health educators for their communities. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate that indicates that they completed the necessary training to become a Black Girl Mental Health Peer Educator as designated by scholar, author, and therapist, Dr. Venus E. Evans-Winters. Enroll today and earn your certificate to become a Black Girl Mental Health Peer Educator.

This certificate course includes:

  • Access to the Black Girls' Mental Wealth Academy

  • A clear course calendar so you know how to design your own action plan for change

  • Weekly tasks and objectives to keep you focused

  • Worksheets and handouts that will help increase self-awareness and improve your wellness routine

  • The opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge with a certificate - show teachers, future employers, or your future clients

  • Dr. Venus Evans-Winters' enthusiasm, dedication, and passion to help Black girls and young women achieve and thrive

  • Curriculum and activities designed by Dr. Venus Evans-Winters, which is based on all of her knowledge as a professor, clinical therapist, health and wellness coach, and meditation teacher


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Register for the BGMWA Informational to learn more about the academy for 2022.

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