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We equip educators with innovative strategies to ensure every Black student feels respected, valued, and supported with the opportunity to tap into their inherit genius.


Nzinga is fiercely dedicated to ensuring Black student success becomes the norm and not the exception. We provide comprehensive professional development and specialized solutions to empower educators and create equitable learning environments. We believe in providing tailored learning environments that can meet the unique needs of our clients to effectively serve Black students.

We are dedicated to providing professional learning opportunities that prepare educators to create culturally responsive, restorative, and foster positive student-teacher relationships. Our expertise in cultural pedagogy, instructional coaching, and training will ensure educators feel confident to replicate their new skills in the classroom.

Thus, our goal is to enable educators and leaders to foster an atmosphere of safety, respect, and collaboration that creates a strong sense of belonging for Black student to support academic success.

Our Offerings:
1. Black Student Success Plans
2. Culturally Empowering Learning Environments
3. Black Student Programming (Development & Support)
4. Culturally Responsive Leadership Development

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