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We design learning experiences to be holistic, focusing on wellness, support, affinity and resilience. We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and resources needed to reach their highest potential.


Nzinga Incorporated is an education consulting business that provides a space for Black educators to come together and cultivate a community of support. We understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for Black educators, and we strive to provide knowledge and resources that will help them to grow and sustain in their careers.

We are passionate about creating supportive and nurturing spaces for Black educators and leaders. Our aim is to provide tools for professional and life success through our holistic approach of gathering Black educators in affinity to foster wellness, resilience, and equip them with the tools to succeed.

Join us and become part of a movement that is dedicated to empowering and supporting Black educators.

Our Offerings:
1. Msaada (Black Educator Affinity & Support)
2. CRT & Equity Educator (Workshops)
3. Koalition of LiberatED Educator Seminars (KOLE)

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