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Self-Love & Awareness


Sisterhood & Unity

Mentorship & Leadership



We are launching our Queendom program honoring the brilliance and resilience of our Black girls (12-18). Our "Rising Queens" will grow with us, earning their rites of passage. The young queens will experience mentorship, sisterhood, and cultural heritage to build self-awareness and knowledge.

The program is founded on building bridges between the generations and facilitating safe and positive spaces to support and nurture them. We believe in the power of community and the "village" approach to creating a better future for the next generation.

We believe that one of our most precious resources is the collective strength of our community, rooted in our resilience and wisdom. There is power in bridging the generations through the sharing of knowledge and cultural tradition.

What We Aim To Do.

Queendom is dedicated to empowering black girls and fostering intergenerational conversations, sisterhood, and support. Through its focus on self-love, unity, and rites of passage, Nzinga Incorporated is committed to helping young black girls reach their full potential.

Our program seeks to promote holistic health and healing, build leadership capacity and create opportunities for our girls to be seen and heard. We are passionate about elevating the voices of our young Black girls and we are committed to creating a safe space for them to learn, grow and thrive. So, they are empowered to express themselves authentically, share their stories and find a sense of belonging.

We strive to offer opportunites for mentorship, self-care and wellness workshops (Sistahood, Black Girl Problems, HairStory, and Black Girl Solutions) to cover the wide array of issues that consistently and adversely impact the well-being of Black girls.

Black Girls' Mental Wealth Academy | Central Valley

Additionally, the upper grade level girls will be enrolled in Central Valley's, Black Girls' Mental Wealth Acdemy founded by our partner, Dr. Venus Evans-Winters. They will they can potentially identify signs and symptoms of toxic stress and trauma in herself or others, gain positive coping and self-care skills, and develop the necessary skills to become peer mental health educators for their communities. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate that indicates that they completed the necessary training to become a Black Girl Mental Health Peer Educator. Next, students will continue training with Nzinga Incorporated to become mentors for the other girls participating in the Queendom program.

We want to provide our girls with the support and resources they need to successfully pursue their academic, personal, and professional ambitions.

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