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"Those Who Don't Treat You Right, Won't Teach You Right."

-Shantel Lockhart, Dedicated Black Educator


We envision a radical transformation of the educational landscape that challenges white supremacy to ensure a future where every Black scholar is empowered, equipped, and inspired to thrive and manifest their destiny. 

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What We Stand For

Our Purpose

Nzinga Incorporated was established as a powerful platform by Black educators dedicated to enhancing the learning conditions for Black scholars. We confront systemic barriers, such as oppression and racism, that hinder academic success and actively work to create a more equitable educational landscape.

We acknowledge that the Black community has long endured a cycle of inequitable outcomes perpetuated by a historical and institutionalized educational system that continues to underserve and fail Black scholars. Therefore, we recognize that self-determination is paramount for Black scholars, families, and educators as we collectively strive for liberation and optimal conditions for growth.

Our unwavering commitment to the Black community is rooted in our relentless efforts to ensure that Black scholars receive equal access and opportunities to learn. We tap into the inherent genius and limitless potential of our children, fostering an environment where their talents are cultivated and celebrated.

Through collective work, shared responsibility, and deliberate action, we pledge to tirelessly advocate for the holistic development and empowerment of Black scholars. Our ultimate aim is to create a future where their dreams know no bounds, where they inherit a world brimming with unlimited potential and endless possibilities.

Together, in solidarity, we will reshape the narrative, challenge the status quo, and build an educational system that serves as a catalyst for justice, excellence, and the liberation of Black scholars.

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At Nzinga Incorporated, our mission is to ignite transformative change as advocates for Black scholars, families, and educators. We are committed to fostering holistic well-being and empowerment through transformative and culturally affirming programming, resources, and support. By addressing systemic barriers, and educational inequities, we aim to nurture a future where every Black scholar flourishes emotionally, socially, and academically. Together, we strive to create a world where empowerment, equity, excellence, and opportunity are the cornerstones of education, ensuring that the brilliance of every Black mind shines brightly, illuminating the way for a more just and inclusive society.

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