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Black is LIT


Literary & Fundamental Skills


Literary Liberation & Joy

Intellectualism & Criticality



Black is LIT is designed to address the historically low literacy rates among Black students that limit the ability of Black students to thrive. The program centers on the practices of the 19th-century African-American literary societies that sought the educational advancement and empowerment of the community.

At Nzinga Incorporated, we believe that literacy is an act of liberation and essential to the academic success of Black students. Additionally, we understand that literacy proficiency is critical to addressing and combatting the Black Academic Epidemic plaguing our nation, as nearly 50% of Black students are below basic for 8th-grade reading proficiency. Black is LIT program is designed for students to be empowered as literary leaders. Students engage in critical academic discourse based on the chosen cultural text analysis.

Moreover, the program is rooted in a deep understanding of how linguistics play a critical role in literacy for Black students. So, we adopt an integrated approach by centering African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) as a cultural asset and utilizing the science of reading with the brilliance of Dr. Gholdy Muhammad's, Historically Responsive Literacy Framework. Also, we recognize that it is equally critical for educators to be capable of creating culturally responsive and affirming learning environment to enliven literary experiences.

Nzinga Incorporated believes that Black children are inherently brilliant and that it is incumbent upon each of us to ensure that we cultivate the conditions for Black Genius to thrive.

What We Aim To Do.

The program aims to improve the life trajectory for Black students by increasing literacy proficiency to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline to enhance academic and life outcomes.

  • To create culturally responsive learning environments

  • To promote literacy as a liberatory and revolutionary act

  • To engage students in rigorous academic discourse

  • To cultivate critical consciousness and academic confidence

  • To honor the historical traditions and greatness of Black culture

Black is LIT ensures that students are engaged in grade-level appropriate reading/writing activities. Students experience a high sense of belonging in culturally responsive learning environments with rigorous instruction and academic discourse.

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