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We are committed to investing in our community through collective effort and community partnerships to make a positive difference. We believe by working together, we can create a better future for us all.


At Nzinga Incorporated, we honor the African proverb "it takes a village." We strive to create cross-cultural conversations that are both safe and stimulating, allowing for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Our team is dedicated to creating a space where collaboration and community partnerships are valued and encouraged.

We acknowledge that we are part of a larger community and actively seek ways to meaningfully contribute to our community. Whether it’s through our workshops, webinars, or community events, we hope to inspire and empower those around us to make a change.

Furthermore, we are passionate about collaborating with like-minded individual, groups, and organizations to harness our collective power and energy in service of our enriching our community and the lives of its most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Our Offerings:
1. Conscious Kollabs (Kommunity Conversations)
2. Kommunity Educator Kollabs (KOLE Critical Conversations)
3. Kommunity Partnerships & Contributions

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